Infection Surveillance & Outbreak Management
Enabling Better Care

To help skilled nursing facilities protect their residents, an affordable and easy-to-use solution for tracking and helping control the prevalence and spread of Healthcare Acquired Infections (HAIs) is essential. We are dedicated to providing high quality, easy to use software at affordable pricing. Focusing 100% on Infection Prevention and Control (IPAC) our team is dedicated to helping each and every senior living organization reduce the prevalence of HAIs. Our innovative software solution is scalable for large mutli-facility Clients and allows national/regional staff to quickly analyze real-time patient data from multiple facilities and communities in one centralized location.

“IPAC programs have been shown to be both clinically effective and cost-effective, providing important cost savings in terms of fewer HAIs, reduced length of hospital stays, less antimicrobial resistance, and decreased costs of treatment for infections. In long-term care, a 2005 survey showed that IPAC resources and programming fell far short of the suggestions of Canadian and United States experts.” (

Our software solution helps clinicians track symptoms with built in McGeers and IPAC Canada surveillance definitions. Clinicians use our handy floor plans to identify new symptoms, investigate possible contacts, and treat and isolate infection cases. This allows home administrators and care staff to understand a clearer picture around the spread of infections within the home and associated unit(s). Armed with that knowledge, nurses can provide the best possible care while simultaneously prioritizing, identifying, and preventing infections.

Implemented at over 250 Long-Term Care facilities across North America our software is trusted by large multi-facility  organizations, small independents, and everything in between. Connect with us to learn more about how we can transform the quality of care with accurate visual and actionable data.


Infection Surveillance

  • Easy Case Creation: With the use of the HealthConnex Signs and Symptoms App, front-line clinicians can effortlessly create suspected cases by recording resident symptoms.
  • Effortlessly monitor ongoing infections, review precautions and link lab results for a complete picture.
  • Track both Resident and Staff infections. Document possible contacts and identify asymptomatic infections with ease

Outbreak Management

  • Stop the Domino effect: Improve resident and staff safety by visually identifying potential outbreaks on the Floor Plans before lab results are in.
  • Time Saving Outbreak Management: Keep up-to-date Outbreak Line Listings and Epidemic Curves. Easily capture and export information required by department of health and public health.
  • Export line list reports for public health with the click of a button

Hand Hygiene & PPE Auditing

  • Conduct and analyze Hand Hygiene and PPE Audits in real-time with our innovative clinical support app.
  • More than just a monitoring tool: Validate Hand Hygiene compliance with built in success criteria for accurate and measurable statistics. Auditors and managers are able to view reports directly and customize graphs
  • Target areas that experience low compliance with control measures such as increased education, discussion at safety huddles and increased number of audits.
Hand Washing

Antimicrobial Stewardship

  • Generate flexible, real-time reports showing infection case related Days of Therapy (DOT) statistics and monitor antimicrobial statistics at the resident and provider level.
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