What is HealthConnex?

Affordable, Innovative, and Easy to Use Infection Control Software

HealthConnex is a leader in Infection Prevention and Control (IPAC) software. Our small, dedicated team with over 90 years of healthcare software related development experience has built an innovative IPAC solution built to specifically support Skilled Nursing and Senior Living Facilities. Initially named IPaC Cloud, HealthConnex has been  throughly researched and designed since prior to launch in 2017 to offer the first cloud-based infection control solution to seniors care homes in North America.

Our focus is 100% on infection control software design.

HealthConnex Infection Control is a clinical workflow and data intelligence tool that empowers clinical users and management to identify, manage, and report infections in real time. 

Our solution offers infection surveillance, outbreak management, employee health, PPE auditing, hand hygiene auditing and antimicrobial stewardship reporting. We are dedicated to providing high quality, easy to use software at affordable pricing.

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You're in good hands with us

HealthConnex is implemented and in-use at over 400 Long-Term Care and Retirement facilities across North America.

With HealthConnex, you become proactive – greatly increasing your clinical staff’s ability to detect and respond to infections before they spread.

Meet some of our Clients
  • Detect Infections Accurately and Early with built in McGeers and IPAC Canada Surveillance Criteria
  • Automatically create suspected or confirmed cases with the Signs & Symptoms clinical screening app
  • Increase Awareness and Understanding of Cases with the Floor Plan Overview
  • Understand trends and the spread of infection right at your fingertips – Innovative analytics module takes your data to the next level
  • Facilitate quick and easy infection control documentation and reporting
  • Share information across the enterprise or to a specific facility with built in Clinical Line List Reporting Incorporate Best Practices for Antibiotic Stewardship