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Ontario Medication Safety Technology (MST) Program

Medication Safety Technology Program

Ontario Medication Safety Technology (MST) Program

Application deadline: September 30, 2021

HealthConnex is an innovative and easy to use infection prevention and control software designed specifically for Long-Term Care and Senior Living facilities. Our innovative Electronic Clinical Decision Support System (eCDSS) solution provides users with the full spectrum (residents and staff tracking) of infection surveillance, outbreak management, auditing and treatment tracking solutions. HealthConnex is eligible for the MST funding by meeting its terms and conditions, focusing on the following key items:

  1. Support the optimization of medication for LTC home residents, including the identification of opportunities for de-prescribing and decision support at the point of prescribing (section 4.1.2). The software also puts a focus on supporting the accuracy of administration of medication related to infection cases (section 4.1.4) and enhances the oversight and monitoring of the medication use process (section 4.1.5).
  2. As described in Section 4.2 of the funding policy, funding may only be expended for 5 dedicated parts of a MST program (or may, upon special request, be granted to programs which are specially approved by the Ministry). HealthConnex is classified as an Electronic Clinical Decision Support System (eCDSS) solution that can help clinical staff improve awareness, reporting and oversight of medication use within a LTC home. As described in section 4.2.5 the following apply to the eCDSS:
    • “An electronic tool that that is integrated or interfaced with the EHR and assists health care providers in making medical decisions, and, specifically, decisions about a resident’s medication regimen.”
    • “…used to support other points in the medication use process beyond initial prescribing, such as medication reviews.”
    • “Ability to use EHR data about LTC home residents, including medication conditions and medication regimens to identify immediate concerns (e.g. allergies, interactions, dosing issues, potentially inappropriate medications, etc.) as well as opportunities for deprescribing and otherwise optimizing LTC home residents’ medication therapy.”
    • Ability to generate reports to support medication reviews.”

All Ontario Long-Term Care Homes are eligible for this program and can apply for funding quickly and easily for technologies which were not in place in the home prior to April 2021 and are not currently being funded by other programs at the home.

Please click here to download the funding policy for more details

High level overview

  • “All homes are eligible and will receive funding based on the number of licensed or approved beds in operation in the home, or a base amount of $50,000 (over three years), whichever is greater. The base amount is being provided to ensure that smaller homes also benefit from the program.”
  • “Funding may be used to cover expenditures to support the implementation (e.g. support in developing a technology plan, change management, staff training, implementation support) of eligible items, including costs associated with the integration of the selected item into the LTC home’s existing technology infrastructure.”
  • LTC homes will complete the MSSA-LTC by September 30 of each of the three years of the initiative.

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