Improving Education, Clinical Outcomes and Compliance through Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) Auditing

HealthConnex is further supporting the Senior Living and Acute Care Industries better manage and track infection control compliance through our innovative Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) auditing solution.

COVID-19 has brought an increase in the use and monitoring of PPE in hospitals and long-term care facilities. More clinicians have been instructed in the proper way to don (put on) and doff (take off) PPE. But in the chaos and stress of the environment mistakes can are made. An error in a doffing procedure for example can cause cross contamination between patients and staff leading to nosocomial infections. Much like hand hygiene observations, understanding compliance statistics have helped quantify how staff are actually performing.

PPE observations can shed light on the unknowns highlighting areas for education and improvements. Through PPE observation statistics you can identify common mistakes and focus education efforts on the known areas of errors. By identifying and quantifying problems, you can take action and stop bad practices early before they result in more infections.

Without using electronic, real-time PPE observations the administrative burden and reduced understanding of compliance can be costly. Without this technology the time it takes to identify errors in proper procedures can lead to an increase in nosocomial infections.

A manual review with lots of data entry and data crunching may discover that there are consistent PPE practice errors that are likely the cause of cross contamination. Changes are made to education and possibly at that point PPE observations are initiated to ensure nosocomial infections do not come back.  If electronic PPE Observation audits are adopted early these potential issues are identified in real-time and remedied through targeted education which significantly reduces the risk of cross contamination and nosocomial infections.

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