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2021: Investing in Infection Control


COVID-19 has hit Senior Living facilities hard in 2020 and continuing into 2021. Teams of caregivers in Long-Term Care are battling each and every day to protect the most vulnerable. Having the right tools to identify, track, mitigate spread and drive education and best practice is important to reducing the spread of COVID-19. You can have the tools needed to implement the best infection control practices within your facility with HealthConnex.

HealthConnex is empowering surveillance and prevention efforts in Skilled Nursing Facilities across North America

HealthConnex clients like Revera have been working hard to identify, track and manage infections within their facilities and improve data collection and regional reporting. Since using HealthConnex, Revera has radically changed how it tracks and analyzes infection cases and has been able to identify potential COVID-19 symptoms in residents using a combination of data analysis and visualization tools – making it easier for caregivers to quickly respond and provide the care needed.

Implementation of our solution has streamlined the monitoring and documentation process for team members at Revera. National and Regional staff have a real-time overview of each home, province, region, and users at each Home are able to identify confirmed and suspected infection cases 24 hours per day thanks to our clinical Signs & Symptoms mobile app. Before adopting HealthConnex, the process required a mixture of manual processes and updates to fully manage and analyze infection data. Now, this process is completely automated, allowing the staff to easily log in and quickly see data right at their fingertips.

A new technology doesn’t mean a steep learning curve. Revera rolled out HealthConnex and got their nursing staff up and running quickly. In fact, their Retirement group was implemented within a short number of weeks during the ongoing pandemic. Our easy-to-use platform takes less than an hour to learn and has given staff the ability to input critical infection control related data without sacrificing valuable time that needs to be spent providing care.

The Impact of Data

Organizations must consider how their technology platforms impact both staff and residents. A key piece of the value of technology is the ability to gain insights more efficiently and effectively – implementing a clinical workflow solution like HealthConnex empowers users to identify, manage and report infections in real-time. Users in each facility are already saving 60-90 minutes per day by eliminating manual data entry, giving them time back to focus on their residents. National and Regional teams are saving 5-10 hours per week by having a central repository for data collection and review. Reports are more easily created and communication across teams is strengthened.

The ability for tracking each and every symptom using the built-in clinical definitions has made a huge impact on our facility. There are asymptomatic carriers for COVID-19 and being able to document every symptom within residents and staff as a suspected COVID-19 case has been critical to understanding trends and limiting spread.” – Michelle G, Infection Control Nurse

With our easy-to-use point-of-care apps data collection is simplified and promotes increased use. It becomes best-practice and brings actionable data and reports. Better staff education and process improvements are driven by proper data collection.

For more information, contact us to demonstrate the power of infection control data to you today.