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COVID-19 Vaccinations in LTC

Resident AND Employee Health and
Safety – COVID-19 Vaccines Are Here

The Moderna and Pfizer vaccines have been approved by the FDA and Health Canada for use. The vaccines are already being given to frontline healthcare workers and long-term care facilities. Tracking the delivery of the vaccine is an important step in ensuring the safety of residents and staff.

Immunizing your staff and residents quickly is an effective way to beat COVID.  Immunization management is a time and resource intensive task. How can Senior Living facilities easily track, analyze and report on immunizations?

HealthConnex Technology Delivery and Reporting for both Residents AND Staff

HealthConnex Infection Control software is already supporting a seamless rollout at clients like Revera. Our software manages immunization records and provides reports for both residents and staff, including existing vaccines such as influenza and now COVID. This means the tens of thousands of residents AND staff we support already have HealthConnex technology in place to safely and efficiently track vaccinations for COVID-19.

Facilities will be able to use our innovative solution to prioritize staff and residents, as well as highlight the individuals who have received or not received the vaccine. The 2-dose vaccination can be tracked individually and other critical details such as Vaccine Type, Lot # and notes are available for entry.